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Fantastic Four? More Like Fantastic Bore


When I watch a movie (or read a book), I generally try to find something I liked about it, even if it wasn’t all that great overall. There are tons of movies, broadly panned by critics and the public, that I’m still able to get a lot of enjoyment out of. The Star Wars prequels are an obvious example that comes to mind. Despite some of the problems in those movies, I still like watching them and have come to have no problem (for the most part) with them as part of the overall Star Wars canon. At Star Wars Celebration Anaheim this year, I was able to watch a 3D presentation of Revenge of the Sith and loved it. Ian McDiarmid kills in that movie (literally and figuratively).

However, sometimes a film comes along that is so terrible, I just can’t offer any excuse for it. The new Fantastic Four movie, directed by Josh Trank, is one such film. Continue reading Fantastic Four? More Like Fantastic Bore