Star Wars Celebration VII Post Mortem


I’ve been away for a while. Away from everything, including writing. I was in Southern California, back in my old stomping grounds, attending the Star Wars Celebration, an event for which I’d been waiting for two long years. I bought my 4-day pass the day tickets went on sale, and it seemed like the day would never come. But finally it did. But was it worth the wait? Read on and see.
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Netflix’s Daredevil: The Verdict Is In


I’m just going to come right out and say this. Netflix’s original series, Daredevil, is one of the best things Marvel has ever done. And this is coming from someone who’s never been a huge Daredevil fan, especially after the 2003 Ben Affleck fiasco. But this new series is definitely something special, and here are five reasons why I think it just might be a game changer. Continue reading Netflix’s Daredevil: The Verdict Is In

The Lurkers And Other Strange Tales FREE on Amazon


For a limited time, my short story collection, The Lurkers & Other Strange Tales, will be free on Amazon. You really can’t beat that price. Lurkers is a genre-spanning anthology featuring Lovecraftian horror and science fiction. There’s even a story that ties in with The Heart Thief, so if you’ve read that book, you definitely won’t want to miss the short. Check out the product description below:

Penny and her husband, Richard, pull up stakes and move to a small island off the coast of Maine in the hopes of laying claim to an inheritance amounting to millions of dollars. But the island is home to a great many dark secrets, and as the truth of a shadowy past comes to light, the young couple uncovers a plot that threatens to either tear them apart or enslave their very souls.

Inspired by the works of Lovecraft, The Lurkers, a novella, is the first of five original works of genre-spanning weird fiction. The remaining four shorts deal with the travails of an orphan trying to survive in a cyberpunk dystopia, a comedian who must keep the party going at all costs or suffer dire consequences, a brilliant scientist who finds a way to cheat death by transferring his consciousness into a robotic avatar, and a serial killer who discovers that having an inner-demon isn’t always just a figure of speech.


Like I said, The Lurkers will only be available for free for a limited time, so grab it while you can. And if you enjoy it, please consider checking out The Heart Thief if you haven’t already done so. And feel free to leave a review on Amazon if the spirit moves you. Thanks for your support.

Harrison Ford To Reprise Blade Runner Role


The 1982 sci-fi thriller Blade Runner, starring Harrison Ford, is one of my all-time favorite science fiction movies. I love everything about it—the story, the setting, the cinematography, the characters, everything. In fact, I recently got around to reading the original source material for the movie, Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, and it was amazing. So, I was cautiously excited when I heard that a sequel was in the works. Continue reading Harrison Ford To Reprise Blade Runner Role

Glover/Hutcherson Sound Off On Spider-Man Casting Rumors


With the revelation that Spider-Man would finally be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe and that Andrew Garfield was out, a lot of speculation has been flying about who will be cast as the new web-slinger. Two of those supposed possibilities, Donald Glover and Josh Hutcherson, have both made recent remarks regarding the speculation. Continue reading Glover/Hutcherson Sound Off On Spider-Man Casting Rumors

New Pics From Marvel’s Daredevil Series Are Here


I cannot say enough how much I love what Marvel Studios and Disney are doing with their MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) properties. I feel like they’re hitting it out of the park with almost everything they do. Have I been ecstatic with every film? No (Iron Man 3 didn’t blow me away). But by and large, they really seem to know what they’re doing over there. And when it was confirmed that Spider-Man would be joining the MCU, I was overjoyed. Over the freaking moon. Continue reading New Pics From Marvel’s Daredevil Series Are Here

Batman: Arkham Knight. The Trailer We Deserve?


My favorite DC character is Batman. Hands down. The Dark Knight is mysterious, brooding, right in my milieu. When Batman: Arkham Asylum came out, I thought it was one of the best action games I’d ever played. I bought its two sequels Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Origins without hesitation. Continue reading Batman: Arkham Knight. The Trailer We Deserve?

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