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Fantastic Four? More Like Fantastic Bore


When I watch a movie (or read a book), I generally try to find something I liked about it, even if it wasn’t all that great overall. There are tons of movies, broadly panned by critics and the public, that I’m still able to get a lot of enjoyment out of. The Star Wars prequels are an obvious example that comes to mind. Despite some of the problems in those movies, I still like watching them and have come to have no problem (for the most part) with them as part of the overall Star Wars canon. At Star Wars Celebration Anaheim this year, I was able to watch a 3D presentation of Revenge of the Sith and loved it. Ian McDiarmid kills in that movie (literally and figuratively).

However, sometimes a film comes along that is so terrible, I just can’t offer any excuse for it. The new Fantastic Four movie, directed by Josh Trank, is one such film. Continue reading Fantastic Four? More Like Fantastic Bore

Dissecting The Force Awakens BTS Video

TFA_logoOh, how I wish I could be at San Diego Comic-Con. This year more than ever. Why? Because this is the first year we’ll see a new Star Wars movie since 2008. One of the coolest things to come out of the Star Wars panel yesterday at SDCC was this behind-the-scenes video from The Force Awakens. So, I thought I’d write a blog post, pulling out some of the things I found most interesting in the video, things that just might reveal some of what we could be seeing in the upcoming film. If anyone had doubts about my nerd cred before now, this post should disabuse them of any such notion post haste. Continue reading Dissecting The Force Awakens BTS Video

Glover/Hutcherson Sound Off On Spider-Man Casting Rumors


With the revelation that Spider-Man would finally be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe and that Andrew Garfield was out, a lot of speculation has been flying about who will be cast as the new web-slinger. Two of those supposed possibilities, Donald Glover and Josh Hutcherson, have both made recent remarks regarding the speculation. Continue reading Glover/Hutcherson Sound Off On Spider-Man Casting Rumors

New Pics From Marvel’s Daredevil Series Are Here


I cannot say enough how much I love what Marvel Studios and Disney are doing with their MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) properties. I feel like they’re hitting it out of the park with almost everything they do. Have I been ecstatic with every film? No (Iron Man 3 didn’t blow me away). But by and large, they really seem to know what they’re doing over there. And when it was confirmed that Spider-Man would be joining the MCU, I was overjoyed. Over the freaking moon. Continue reading New Pics From Marvel’s Daredevil Series Are Here

Go, Go, Gadget Reboot!


When I was growing up, Saturday morning cartoons were a big deal. A big. Deal. For a kid back in the 80s, it was almost my soul reason for existing. Well, that and my ever-expanding Star Wars action figure collection. But while shows like Looney Toons and Superfriends were definitely on my weekend playlist, I was more attracted to animated  storytelling that went a little beyond what was typical. I was all about dragons, and sci-fi, and robots, and technology, and mystery. I was constantly salivating for the next episode of Dungeons & Dragons or Scooby-Doo (pre-Scrappy Doo, thank you very much). But my real favorites were always a bit harder to find. I’m talking about Battle of the Planets. I’m talking about Robotech. And I’m talking about a little show about a British secret agent named Danger Mouse. Continue reading Go, Go, Gadget Reboot!

Genre Fiction TV You Should Be Watching


While I love movies and they’ll always be my primary obsession when it comes to visual entertainment, a lot of quality fiction can be found on television. It’s hard to believe, I know, but it is true, nonetheless. The problem is when these storytelling gems can’t stay on television long enough to reach their true potential. So, the purpose of today’s blog post is to list a few genre TV shows you should definitely be watching. The more people who watch, the less likely these shows will be canceled by networks who haven’t yet come to fully understand that traditional ratings in the digital world mean less than nothing. Continue reading Genre Fiction TV You Should Be Watching

Into Every Generation, A Slayer Is Born


There have been a handful of television shows over the years of which I consider myself a true fan. What exactly does that mean? Well, though for some it means going to every convention and collecting as much related paraphernalia as possible (I would certainly do that kind of thing if I had unlimited funds—I’m just a fan of too many things to be utterly devoted to each), for me it simply means loving a show so much that I go back to it again and again, rewatching the entire run of the series every few years. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of those shows.

So, in celebration of Buffy Summers’ 34th birthday this month (the TV incarnation was born in 1981), I thought I’d count down my TOP FIVE FAVORITE BUFFY EPISODES, which is actually a pretty daunting task considering how many good ones there were. But here goes. Continue reading Into Every Generation, A Slayer Is Born

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer Is Here!

SWFA_00I may have mentioned it before, but Star Wars is my jam, yo. One of the first movies I ever saw that ignited my imagination as a young child. Seeing A New Hope in the theater is one of my earliest memories, and I have never stopped being a fan. I didn’t even hate the prequels like a lot of people. Sure, Jar-Jar is silly, but whatever.

Today, the first official teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was revealed. And I have analyzed it, scene-by-scene, and want to offer my initial thoughts on each one. Warning: there will be spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the trailer yet, I suggest you do so by going here. Continue reading Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer Is Here!