The Undead Realm

The Undead Realm
Book 2 of The Rhapp’s Barren Triptych
Urban Fantasy, 387 pages

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Ezra Keene was a typical, nerdy teenager a year ago. But then a necromancer opened a doorway to another dimension, spewing dark energy into the world and attracting all manner of unholy terrors to the area. Now Ezra spends his nights helping his friends—the Leichnam family—hunt down all the nasty, evil things lurking in the shadows of the city, while still trying to maintain a shaky romance with his fiery-haired girlfriend, Emma.

When the Leichnams’ old nemesis returns to exact vengeance, he sets in motion a diabolical plot that will bring the people of Sentinel City to their knees, and Ezra’s problems quickly multiply. He decides to risk everything and journey to the other side of the portal, to an undead realm where demonic forces rule and monsters roam a desolate landscape, all so he can bring back the one person with the power to save all those innocent lives from a fate worse than death.

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