The Heart Thief
Book 1 of The Rhapp’s Barren Triptych
Young Adult, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, 355 pages

Ezra Keene is an artistic sixteen-year-old who wants nothing more than to settle in at his new school and put the tragedy of his brother’s death behind him. He awakens one night, reeling from a hazy dream, to find his fingers blackened with pencil lead and a new drawing in his sketchbook—a drawing that depicts the grisly murder of someone he knows. The next morning he is shocked to learn the picture has become a reality.

Ezra has reason to believe the father of a classmate, an eccentric German scientist, is somehow involved in the slaying, but he needs something tangible to bring to the police. He sets out to discover the truth, but what he finds instead is that something much more sinister than murder lies at the heart of this mystery. Monsters exist, magic is real, and sometimes there are worse things than death.

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The Undead Realm
Book 2 of The Rhapp’s Barren Triptych
Urban Fantasy, 405 pages

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A year ago, Ezra Keene was a typical, nerdy teenager. But now he spends his nights helping his friends, the Leichnam family, fight against the evil things that lurk in the dark. Easier said than done ever since a necromancer opened up a doorway to another dimension, spewing dark energy and attracting all manner of unholy terrors into the world.

But then an old enemy returns to exact vengeance and set into motion a diabolical plot to bring the citizens of Sentinel City to their knees. To defeat this foe, Ezra decides to risk everything and journey to the other side of the rift, to an undead realm where demonic forces rule and where monsters roam a desolate landscape, all so he can find the one person with the power to save all those innocent lives from a fate worse than death.

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The Lurkers & Other Strange Tales
Weird fiction, Compilation, approx. 150 pages

 lurkers_cover_smPenny and her husband, Richard, pull up stakes and move to a small island off the coast of Maine in the hopes of laying claim to an inheritance amounting to millions of dollars. But the island is home to a great many dark secrets, and, as the truth of a shadowy past comes to light, the young couple uncovers a plot that threatens to either tear them apart or enslave their very souls.

Inspired by the works of Lovecraft, The Lurkers, a novella, is the first of five original works of genre-spanning weird fiction. The remaining four shorts deal with the travails of an orphan trying to survive in a cyber-punk dystopia, a comedian who must keep the party going at all costs or suffer dire consequences, a brilliant scientist who finds a way to cheat death by transferring his consciousness into a robotic avatar, and a serial killer who discovers that having an inner-demon isn’t always just a figure of speech.

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