Cover Reveal For The Undead Realm


The time has come. With the approaching release of Book 2 of The Rhapp’s Barren Triptych (somewhere around the end of the month), I wanted to reveal the book’s cover. Check it out after the jump.

Without further ado, here it is:

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000042_00051]

I really dig this cover and think it will attract positive attention to the series. What do you think?

So, what’s the book about? Take a look at the current draft of the product description (more or less a work in progress) below. WARNING: the description may be slightly spoilery if you haven’t read book 1.

A year ago, Ezra Keene was a typical, nerdy teenager. But now he spends his nights helping his friends, the Leichnam family, fight against the evil things that lurk in the dark. Easier said than done ever since a necromancer opened up a doorway to another dimension, spewing dark energy and attracting all manner of unholy terrors into the world.

But then an old enemy returns to exact vengeance and set into motion a diabolical plot to bring the citizens of Sentinel City to their knees. To defeat this foe, Ezra decides to risk everything and journey to the other side of the rift, to an undead realm where demonic forces rule and where monsters roam a desolate landscape, all so he can find the one person with the power to save all those innocent lives from a fate worse than death.

Again, the book will be out sometime around the end of October (either right on time or a little late for Halloween), but if you still haven’t read The Heart Thief yet, it’s available from now.

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