New Pics From Marvel’s Daredevil Series Are Here


I cannot say enough how much I love what Marvel Studios and Disney are doing with their MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) properties. I feel like they’re hitting it out of the park with almost everything they do. Have I been ecstatic with every film? No (Iron Man 3 didn’t blow me away). But by and large, they really seem to know what they’re doing over there. And when it was confirmed that Spider-Man would be joining the MCU, I was overjoyed. Over the freaking moon.

And they’re showing no signs of slowing down. As you’re probably already aware, Marvel is bringing four of its “street-level” heroes to the small screen via Netflix, beginning with The Man Without Fear himself, Matt Murdoch, a.k.a. Daredevil. Following this series, Netflix will also be introducing Jessica Jones (show title: A.K.A. Jessica Jones, starring Krysten Ritter, which I’m totally stoked about), Iron Fist, and Luke Cage (a.k.a. Power Man). This will eventually culminate in the team-up event, The Defenders.

Empire Magazine did a feature on the new Daredevil show, and several of the photos from that spread are now on the web. But you don’t have to go searching for them. You can take a look below (click on each image for a larger version).


So these photos don’t reveal much, it’s true. And if you’re like me, you might feel that Netflix, from the looks of things, isn’t sinking too much money into this property. I mean, we’re not even getting a quality costume for our hero. Yet. This is obviously going to be an origin story, so we’ll be seeing Matt Murdoch’s first days as Daredevil. I’m sure he’ll be upgrading to something a little more befitting his traditional look in the comics at some point. But to be honest, the most exciting thing I’m taking away from the images above is how Kingpin looks (that is Kingpin, right? Obviously, it’s gotta be Kingpin). I mean, sure it’s only from the back, but it’s definitely reminiscent of the comics. And that’s always a plus in my opinion.

Now, Daredevil was never a hero I followed in the comics much, though I do own one particular story run from a few years back. But a couple things still excite me about his introduction (and that of the other street-level heroes as well) into the MCU. One is that we might see a tie-in with Doctor Strange. I know it’s kind of a long shot because, well, Strange is going to be played by Benedict Cumberbatch. And he’s, like, huge. But to see him included in The Defenders event would be amazing. The second thing I’m excited about is that Daredevil and the other street-level heroes open the door for my favorite Marvel superhero of all time. I’m talking about Moon Knight. We’ve never seen Moon Knight on screen before, but it’s something I’ve been waiting for, against all hope, for years now. But with Marvel giving love to its street-level heroes, I now think maybe there is hope for Moon Knight fans. Make it happen, Marvel.

Another thing I’m wondering about is how gritty Netflix will get with these properties. They obviously don’t have the same restraints that Marvel’s shows on network television have. But how dark can they really get? It’s a superhero show, after all, and ultimately it’ll be targeted toward teen audiences. Won’t it? It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

So what do you think about the photos? Are you excited about Daredevil? I, for one, love what Marvel has been doing with its television properties. I liked Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. even before it was cool to do so, and I’ll be leading the charge for Agent Carter to get a full second season. I’m optimistic that Netflix is going to do a great job with all these properties.

Daredevil will be available on Netflix streaming, in its entirety, on April 10.

SOURCE: Empire, Latino-Review

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