Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer Is Here!

SWFA_00I may have mentioned it before, but Star Wars is my jam, yo. One of the first movies I ever saw that ignited my imagination as a young child. Seeing A New Hope in the theater is one of my earliest memories, and I have never stopped being a fan. I didn’t even hate the prequels like a lot of people. Sure, Jar-Jar is silly, but whatever.

Today, the first official teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was revealed. And I have analyzed it, scene-by-scene, and want to offer my initial thoughts on each one. Warning: there will be spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the trailer yet, I suggest you do so by going here.

The trailer opens with a shot of what can only be the deserts of Tatooine.  Then we see this:


Our first look at one of the new (young) cast members, John Boyega (Attack the Block) decked out in stormtrooper gear. Does this mean Boyega is playing a stormtrooper? If so, I think it’ll be the first time we’ve seen a stormtrooper without his helmet on. And does this mean he can’t aim worth crap? Of course, it could be he’s simply disguised as a stormtrooper, like Han and Luke in A New Hope. I guess we’ll find out.

Move on to this shot:


Some new droid. We know for sure that R2-D2 and C3-PO are going to be in The Force Awakens, so I don’t think this’ll be some kind of comic-relief replacement for those two. At least, I hope not. It’s possible this is just some random shot that doesn’t have much bearing on the story at all. I do like the non-CGI look of this. If it is CGI, it looks darn good. But I know that director, J.J. Abrams promised a return to practical effects, so … there you go.


More stormtroopers, getting ready to bring the pain … or possibly the glaring incompetence. We’ve already seen this new armor before, though. At first I didn’t know what I thought about it, but I think I can get behind it after seeing this. I wonder, is John Boyega’s character a part of this group?


Our first look at Daisy Ridley (she’s a real unknown). No confirmation on exactly who she’s playing, but the general speculation is that she’ll be playing the daughter of Han Solo and Leia Organa. Note that her costume is kind of reminiscent of Princess Leia’s forest fatigues in Return of the Jedi (but a kind of desert version). Here, the character is also clearly on Tatooine. Take a look at the speeder she’s riding:


That thing is crazy! It is reminiscent of Luke’s land speeder in A New Hope, I think. And also, it marks clear return to the design aesthetic of the original trilogy—lots of old-looking technology showing signs of wear and tear. I kind of love it.


I think this is Oscar Isaac (Inside Llewyn Davis), though I’m not one hundred percent sure of this. He’s flying one of the new X-Wing fighters of which we’ve already seen set photos. Clearly he’s one of the good guys. Note the Rebel Alliance symbols on his helmet and flight suit. This shot is followed by:


These X-Wings are different than the ones we are used to. Notice the wings, how they’re narrower at the ends. I assume these ships use astromech droids, but I can’t make out any in this shot. Probably they’re just blocked by the engine on the wings.

Now for one of the most exciting shots in the entire trailer:


The villain tease. As Adam Driver (HBO’s Girls) is the only member of the new cast not obviously shown in the trailer, I’m led to assume that he’s playing this baddie. Just look at that crazy lightsaber. In addition to the crazy laser hilt (seems kind of dangerous to me), the blade itself seems longer and thinner than what we are used to. Can’t wait to see more of what this guy’s about. And just let me say, I love Adam Driver. I’ve seen the first three seasons of Girls, and while I don’t really love that show, his acting in it is exceptional.

Now, while I was loving the trailer up until this point, it was the next shot that really got me jazzed:


The Millennium Falcon! Heck, yes! As you might expect, it looks like it might have received a few upgrades over the last few decades. Note the weird radar dish thing on the top left side. I seem to recall the old one got knocked off during Lando’s assault on the Death Star II. Nice continuity, J.J. Abrams. Well played.


Here we see the Falcon skimming above the sands of Tatooine, facing down a pair of TIE Fighters. If this doesn’t get you excited for new Star Wars, then you’re just dead inside. 😉

I, for one, am so glad that Disney “saved” Star Wars and resurrected the series. I was resigned to the fact that we’d never see another Star Wars movie, and now I can’t wait for December 2015. It’s going to be an excruciating wait. Fortunately, I have the Star Wars Celebration in April to give me my Star Wars fix until then. I fully expect to see our first full trailer at that time, which hopefully will give us our first looks of the original cast (Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford) in their classic roles. Every geeky bit of me is excited.

I know, I’m a big dork. STAR WARS FOREVER!

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