Anna Dressed in Blood Review (Sort of, not really)


As I was writing The Heart Thief, there was a constant, nagging worry in the back of my mind. Is the violence in it too much, too graphic for the YA audience? Despite my concerns, I forged ahead because that was the story that formed itself in my head and needed to be told; it was what it was. My beta readers didn’t seem to mind, nor did they mention anything about it being too bloody for teens. Yet, I continuously fretted over the notion that young adults wouldn’t be able to handle it. YA authors never get that graphic, right? Of course, right!

And then I read Anna Dressed in Blood.

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The Book of Life

THE BOOK OF LIFEBesides writing, one of my central preoccupations is movies. I love any type of story medium, really, but ever since Star Wars set my imagination on fire in 1976, I’ve been a bit obsessed with the silver screen. So, from time to time, I’ll be writing about the movies I see on this site, especially if I think they bear recommending.

This weekend I caught Guillermo del Toro’s animated feature, The Book of Life, a charming tale based around the Mexican festival Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead.

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